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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

It has been over 10 years since I sat down in earnest to build a model and wow, the hobby has changed in exciting ways!

Tamiya Type 90
A build over 10 years in the making

Retail kits are being created with new levels of detail and precision. “Bonus parts” like photo etch and metal wiring are no longer reserved for the most premium of releases. Instructions are clearer and assembly is easier.

The available accessories and finishing products have grown exponentially. Gone are the days of formulating your own perfect “pin wash”, and come are the days where you can pick up a premixed bottle in any color. Looking for a red primer? Check that off too!

Tamiya and Vallejo finishing products
A few of the many products to help finish any project: panel liner, weathering powder, and clear paints by Tamiya along with washes and pigments by Vallejo

Fantastic resources are available online as well. I am confident that the late Bob Ross would be mesmerized watching “full build” videos and dioramas come to life with plenty of “happy trees”.

The bottom line is that we modelers are living in a time where our imagination is truly the limit.

But just because these wonderful resources are available does not an expert modeler make. Techniques still need to be painstakingly learned, expletives shouted, and “tuition fees” paid.

By starting this blog, I am looking to engage with those that have never built a model before or those like me who are returning from a long hiatus. I hope to share my accumulated knowledge with you and to highlight my results, both good and bad, so that collectively, we may learn. Along the way, I will be posting some musings about:

- Field trips for reference photos (military museums you bet!)

- Historical importance and context of the subjects I am interested in

- Balancing hobby time with the commitments of life

- What modeling means to me and my current inspirations

- Reader submitted topics and questions

So join me in (re)discovering this hobby, and I am certain you will find each build filled with lasting memories, expletives, and laughter.

Tamiya A6M2 Zero
What are we waiting for? Let's build!

Thanks for reading!


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